Keelboat Night Race 2021

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club will be conducting an evening / night race for keelboats on Friday 26 February 2021.


This race will be conducted for Divisions 1 and 2 commencing at 1800hrs (under Category 7 Plus) and for Divisions III and Couta Boats commencing at 1730 to finish in daylight hours.

Note:  Divisions 1 and 2 will be required to complete a new Category 7 Plus form and submit it to the On Water Office to complete the entry.  This form does not require an Auditors signature, however skippers should be aware that spot checks may be carried out prior to the race.

The evening night race will be conducted in accordance with the 2020-21 Standard Sailing Instructions subject to the additions and amendments of the Supplementary Sailing Instructions. 




Evening Race

1730 Couta Boats

1735 Division 3

Night Race (Category 7 Plus)

1800 Division I

1805 Division II




Supplementary Sailing Instructions HERE.

Division 1 & 2 yachts will be required to meet Category 7 safety requirements plus the following four items:

  • Navigation Lights (AS SR 3.23) - Ensure they are clearly visible.
  • Personal Location Light, either strobe light or complying with SOLAS LSA 2.2.30 (AS SR 5.03)
  • Either a mounted VHF radio or a VHF hand-held radio (with a lanyard is highly recommended)
  • Life Jacket (not less than 100N) – A lifejacket shall be worn by each member of the crew when on deck between the hours of sunset and sunrise.

In addition, the carrying of a flashlight/torch (water resistant and floating type)  is recommended.


If your boat has already been signed off for Category 7 this season, it will only be necessary to ensure the above four requirements are met.




Enter the 2021 Night Race HERE




Night Race and Evening Race Results HERE