2019-20 Windward Leeward Race Days


Saturday 1 February is the second of the  Bankwest Windward/Leeward Race Days scheduled for the 2019-20 season.

Laid mark courses will be sailed by ALL Classes on this date.  

This format of racing is open to all River Clubs and fleets have once again been divided up between SoPYC and RFBYC.  SoPYC will lay courses in Melville Water East (MWE) and RFBYC will lay courses in Melville Water West (MWW).  


RFBYC will have 2 sessions and will host the following Fleets in MWW. Two races are scheduled for each fleet.

RFBYC - Session 1 starts at 12:30hrs (5 minute starts)
Division I
Division II
Division III  (RFBYC Div 3 boats only)
Sports Boats

RFBYC - Session 2 starts at 15:30hrs (5 minute starts)
Couta Boat

SoPYC will have 2 sessions and will host the following Fleets in MWE. 

Four races are scheduled for each session.
SoPYC - Session 1 starts at 12:00hrs

Division III  (SoPYC Div 3 boats only)
Red Witch
Endeavour 24

SoPYC - Session 2 starts at 15:00hrs
​S80 Association
S97 Association
Viper 640


Please ensure you read the Supplementary Sailing Instructions in conjunction with the respective Standard Sailing Instructions from the Club hosting your Fleet and course area.



We ask sailors to ensure that they double check where their fleet is starting.  For those Fleets who will be sailing in MWE please allow yourselves sufficient time to sail to your course area.  Raw finish times will be distributed to individual Clubs for result processing.  


Announcement of Results:  Results for RFBYC Session 1, Race 1 mixed division yachts will be announced from 4.00pm.  Race 2 results will be posted to the Club's website.  

Results for RFBYC Session 2, Race 1 one design fleets will be announced from 6.30pm.  Race 2 results will be posted to the Club's website..

Weather:  We encourage you to keep an eye on the weather forecast and ensure  you protect yourselves from the prevailing conditions by keeping hydrated, wearing sunscreen and the appropriate protective clothing.

Safety on the Water:  We draw your attention to Item 16.5 of the Sailing Instructions.  "Boats shall at all times give way to support craft identified by a white flag with the words safety in red."  

Rules of Sailing:  Racing with our friends from other Clubs is a timely reminder to skippers & crew to abide by the racing rules of sailing and to display sportsmanlike behaviour whilst out on the water.  Your safety is paramount and following the racing rules of sailing is a priority at all times.

It is once again great to have the Clubs working together and encourage all our fleets to support the windward/leeward racing.

If you have any queries in relation to the Windward/Leeward Race Day, please do not hesitate to contact the On-Water Department  sailadmin@rfbyc.asn.au.


The 2019-20  Windward Leeward races are proudly sponsored by Bankwest.  See their website at www.bankwest.com.au