2018 Barts Bash

Whats it all About?

Barts Bash remains the Largest Sailing Race in the World,  It is an amazing event, open to all sailing clubs, yacht clubs, scout groups, sea cadets and any venue globally that can hold a race.

Bart's Bash is an annual fundraising and participating campaign promoted by the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation (ASSF).  The first campaign began in 2014 and sailing venues around the world engage with the campaign by agreeing to organise a sailing event during the Bart's Bash period.

Through the Bart Number handicap system, information is collected on entries, results, boats, course distance and conditions.  This information is used to provide an overall results using 'corrected speed' in a pioneering results system.

There is no fee for being part of this incredible results service, but if individual sailors truly want to feel they have been part of the big picture it is hoped you will want to give a a donation to be part of it.  Alternatively you will have an opportunity to donate on the day.

Over 30,000 sailors take to the water at over 550 locations around the world.  'Bart's Bash' is becoming one of the largest sporting events in the world and you can be part of it!


Whats is RFBYC Doing?

RFBYC will incorporate "Barts Bash" into the final Frostbite Race for the winter season taking place on the afternoon of Sunday, 16 September  2018 at 14:00pm.  There are no special sailing instructions - the supplementary sailng instructions and courses for the Winter Frostbite series will apply.  'Bart's Bash' at RFBYC is open to  all boats registered for the Winter Frostbite Series, however if you wish to be part of the global results, you must register on the Barts Bash Website.

As the focus of the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation (ASSF) is on young people we strongly encourage each yacht owner/skipper to have on board at least 1 person who is under 24 years.  If you find it difficult to identify a young person, please make contact with the On-Water Department who may be able to assist.


Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation (ASSF)

The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation was founded in memory of, and inspired by, Olympic Gold medallist, sailor Andrew 'Bart' Simpson who died at the age of 36.

The Foundation honours the life and legacy of a sailor who was passionate about encouraging and helping others fulfil their aims, its objectives is to 'inspire the next generation'.  Put simply it uses sailing to transform the lives of the young and disabled, both in the UK and around the globe.

Everything the Foundation does is driven by the belief that all young people have the ability to excel if they are inspired and given the chance to grow and achieve.

The Foundation's focus in on young and disabled people offering the challenges of a sailing environment to promote health and wellbeing, and to develop personal skills that will improve a young person's ability to succeed in life and work.

For further information please go to the ASSF website.


Sailing for Bart

If you can't make the racing on the morning of Sunday, 16 September and still want to be involved, you can 'Sail for Bart' outside of a racing venue. So if you just wish to take a sail on the Swan River or further afield,  tick the 'Sailing for Bart' option when you sign up.

On the day of Bart's Bash you will need to measure the distance sailed and then simply enter in your profile page, a "result" field will be available to input on and after the event day.



Whilst the world wide results for Bart's Bash will not be available immediately after racing, we will be using our usual Frostbite handicaps to produce results for the day.  Results will be read as soon as available after racing.


Be Part of this Great Day at the Club

We encourage all our keelboats skippers, owners & crew to support 'Bart's Bash'.  A great initiative and a perfect warm up race for the season ahead! 


Be part of this global sailing event!


Sign up HERE

Donate to Barts Bash fundraising for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation HERE

See how much RFBYC has raised HERE

For further information, contact sailadmin@rfbyc.asn.au