Pen and marina information


The Club's marina has some 325 pens of varying size and depth. Preference of allocation is given to actively racing yachts.

To discuss the Pen waitlisting requirements, please contact the Chief Executive Officer Paul Bayliss.

Pen Application Form

Marina Pen Allocation and Occupancy Guidelines and Help



No member may place a craft in the marina unless it is on the Club Register, has a current Marina Compliance Certificate and then only when allocated to a pen by the Committee or with the express permission of the Committee or Chief Executive Officer Paul Bayliss.

Vessel Inspection Form


Use of Wharves & Jetties

No craft may be brought alongside any of the Club's wharves of jetties unless it holds a current RFBYC or other YWA affiliated Club Marina Compliance Certificate. Non-RFBYC vessels require prior clearance from the General Manager.

RFBYC registered craft may be brought alongside any of the Club's main wharves or spur jetty for a period of up to two hours to load or unload with the following exceptions:

  • The fuel wharf must be kept free at all times except for refuelling

  • On sailing Saturdays, the main wharf, fuel wharf and spur jetty shall be kept free of powerboats from 12 noon until the start of the races, to allow access for fleets that require the hoists for launching. Yachts and power yachts may berth alongside, after the start of races until 3.30 pm. Once competing yachts requiring the hoists have been retrieved, boats may again berth alongside. As a matter of courtesy, any boat which is obstructing the crane or hoists, should vacate that position to allow access to Members using the hoist. Power yachts should also keep clear of the main wharf and spur jetty prior to Wednesday Twilight races.

  • Periods alongside wharves and jetties, in excess of two hours may be granted, but only with the express permission of the Chief Executive Officer. A daily fee may be charged for use of the jetties in certain circumstances.

  • Fishing and swimming from the Club jetties and wharves is prohibited

  • No member shall allow a craft to lie at anchor at or in the vicinity of the jetty, or as to obstruct the fairway.


Dinghy Storage

Dinghy storage is available on application.

Members must not place dinghies in the racks without prior approval. Dinghies must be marked with either the member's name or registered boat name on the transom.

Slipping and maintenance

Please contact Freshwater Bay Shipwrights for maintenance enquiries.

Follow this link for Club charges and other information.