Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have any sailing experience to volunteer?

Although prior sailing experience is always helpful, you do not require any experience to offer yourself as a volunteer.  All the necessary equipment and training will be provided – all you need is a willingness to assist and a desire to learn.

What volunteer roles are available?

There are a number of areas within Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club that require volunteers from time to time.  On water Volunteers work on sailing events such as Wednesday Keelboat Twilight sailing, Thursday Keelboat Midweek racing, regular weekend keelboat and dinghy events as well as a multitude of special events.

Onshore Volunteers help out with the canteen, beach duties and social activities.

We are always very keen to hear from anyone interested in becoming a volunteer, and will try our best to find a role for you depending on your interests.


Roles for Sailing Volunteers include:

  • Race Officers – coordinate racing on the water, usually stationed on the start boat or in the start box.
  • Timers and recorders – responsible recording the start and finish time and sail number for each competitor in a race. Usually stationed on the start or finish boat for the duration of the day’s racing (around four to six hours).
  • Flag Pullers – responsible for the various flag sequences used to communications with competitors on the water
  • Sound Signallers – responsible for the various sound signals used throughout the race to communicate with competitors on the water.
  • Mark Layers and Crew of the rigid inflatable boats (RIBS) responsible for laying marks of the course.
  • Support Boat Drivers – responsible for providing quick and effective response to vessels and sailors in distress.
  • Beach Marshalls, who assist race competitors to prepare their vessels on the dinghy lawn, and launch them off the beach.
  • Radio Operators – responsible for communicating with vessels sailing in offshore events.

What level of commitment is required?

Volunteering at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club can be very flexible, and although a certain level of regular commitment may be expected, volunteers can choose the extent of their involvement whether it be regular, casual or even a “once-off”.

What happens once I become a volunteer?

Once you register your interest with the Yachting Operations team, you will be invited to come along to a sailing event being held by the club on a day that suits you. You will be given the opportunity to go out on the water for the entire race, which could be up to approximately six hours, or partake in on-shore duties if that is your area of preference. We will ensure you are partnered with a senior volunteer who can explain your role and ‘show you the ropes’, while answering any questions you may have. Once you are sure you would like to join us, we will retain your contact details and you will become part of our volunteer team.  Our volunteers have a great sense of camaraderie, and we aim to maintain this by encouraging everyone to work together as a team and enjoy a great social atmosphere at the post-race get togethers.

What does it cost?

You will become a valued member of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club’s volunteer team providing essential services that will enable us to conduct successful events.  We therefore we do not require you to pay any fees for regular volunteer involvement.

How do I find out more?

If you would like to find out more, please contact one of our friendly Yachting Operations staff:

Debbie Blaauw         Yachting Operations Manager

Sharon Skinner        Sailing Administrator             

Susan Ghent            Offshore Administrator          

Jenn Suffield            Dinghy Administrator             


Or phone us on  9286 8200