Considering Membership?

Individuals with a keen interest in the sport of sailing or boating and who wish to consider a membership application are invited to contact the Membership Coordinator (email to discuss membership of the Club.

Proposals for membership are usually introduced and seconded by two current members of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club who have each enjoyed at least five years as an Ordinary member of the Club.

The membership categories in which an individual can initially become a member of the Club are:

Type of Membership Description

Junior Member

A person who is less than 18 years of age may be elected as a Junior Member.

Ordinary Member 

Persons over the age of 18 years. The full fee for membership is reached at age 36.

Associate Member

The spouse or de facto partner of a member (other than a Reciprocal Member) may be elected as an Associate Member.

Reciprocal Member

A person who is a fully paid voting member of Claremont Yacht Club, Fremantle Sailing Club, Royal Perth Yacht Club of Western Australia, South of Perth Yacht Club, The Cruising Yacht Club of Western Australia and such other Clubs with which reciprocal membership agreements have been made and approved.

Sailing Affiliate

For crewing purposes only; your membership is with Yachting Australia not with the Club.


The objective of the Club is to encourage member participation in all aspects of sailing and boating, yacht racing, leisure boating, sail training, junior sailing, coastal voyages, offshore racing, sea safety, regatta management and joint club activities in addition to a regular social programme.

The Club rules are designed to promote an ethic of friendly interaction between all persons associated with the Club. Compliance with the Liquor Act is mandatory.