Bulletin Board for Skipper Seeking Crew

Bulletin Board for Skipper Seeking Crew

Contact Details Racing Thursday (River) Racing Saturday (River) Racing Winter Series Sailing Experience Date of Post
Don Bowden
Yes Yes No

Preferably looking for experienced forward hand but willing to train someone up.

Ross and Neil Dennis
No Yes No

Seeking 1-2 fit crew for GAME OVER, an Elliot 780 Sports Boat, fast and lightweight, everything happens quickly.

Andrew Miller
No Yes No

Seeking 1 crew for summer Saturday racing on board fast and exciting Melges 24 sports boat “Red Rackham”. Experience a plus but not essential as we are happy to take on an enthusiastic learner.

Richard Kingsbury
No Yes No

Looking for a fit young guy to sail forard setting spinnakers on a Viking 30 keelboat. Previous experience would be good but not essential.

Bill Currie
No Yes No

Seeking 1 or 2 crew for summer Saturday racing on Division 2 yacht. Bodega recorded 7 fastest times last season and our mix of women and men makes for a sociable and friendly team. We aim to be competitive but composed; focussed but relaxed. Saturday sailors are always welcome on Wednesday twilights. Drop me a line and we can get you out on the water.

Gerry McGann
Yes Yes Yes

‘Kite’ is a Davidson 36 and sails in Div 1. We’ve put a new keel, rudder and instruments on over the winter and looking to have some fun sailing the ‘new’ boat. No great experience required. come along and help us enjoy our wonderful river

Brian Haggerty
No Yes No

Seeking 1-2 crew for summer Saturday racing. Division 2 ‘Story Teller’ is a Beneteau First 305 we have had at RFBYC for 10yrs. Needs crew of 5. Racing for us is fun first, but we are always out to win. We have 3-4 experienced crew and need 1-2 more. Experience would be great but can also take on an eager learner. Give it a try.

Ray Feher
No No Yes

Looking for 1 or 2 crew for Winter Series on Div 3 Spirit 28 Keelboat. Previous experience good but not essential.

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