S97 and S80 Winter Regatta


Results for Day 1

Results for Day 2 

Overall Results

S97 Winter Series Championship

S97 Winter Series Consistency

S80 Winter Series Championship

S80 Winter Series Consistency


Photos from  Day 1 Here

Photos from Day 2 Here



DATE First Warning Signal
Saturday 19 August  (Three Races back to back)  
S97 0855
S80 0900
Sunday 20 August (Three Races back to back)  
S97 0855
S80 0900









Regatta Documents

Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions


Regatta Entry

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Entries To Date


R67 Capricious Winds Ryan Binedell
R80 Second Wind Tony Carter
R104 Deja Vu Mark Hannaford
R287 Hejira John Bailey
R297 Terra Simon Plunkett
R597 Stress Management Rob Scharnell
R970 Silver Fern Alastair McMichael
RF970 Skallagrigg Tom Lovelady
R971 Jolie Breeze David Hepburn


R128 Windmill Bob Hay/John Berry
R280 Vintage Red Tony Strickland
R312 Balancing Act Dean Motteram
R600 Sweet Babs Dave Beresford
R769 Frakka Annette Koenders
R881 Fusion John Johnson