Events at Other Clubs

The list below are events that have been sent to the Club by other organising authorities to advertise to our members.   Please visit the links and contact the organising authority direct if you are interested in attending any of these events.


Event Organising Authority Event Date Event Page Flyer Race Docs
Batavia Regatta Geraldton Yacht Club 1 & 2 June Event website   Notice of Race
Commodore's Cup
(posted 19 Feb 2019)
Claremont Yacht Club 17th March Event website Flyer Notice of Race
Wally Pickford Memorial Marathon
(Posted 12 Feb 2019)
Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club 10th March   Flyer Entry Form
City of Bayswater Regatta
(Posted 12 Feb 2019)
Maylands Yacht Club 10th March   Flyer Notice of Race
Parmelia Night Race
(posted 12 Feb 2019)
Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club 22nd February   Flyer Entry Form
HMAS Perth Regatta
(posted 12 Feb 2019)
Nedlands Yacht Club 17th February Event Website   Notice of Race
Geographe Bay Race Week
(posted 25 August 2018)
Geographe Bay Yacht Club 17 - 22 February Event Page  Flyer