2018 Keelboat Frostbite Invitation Series

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club invites all keelboats to participate in the 2018 Keelboat Frostbite Invitation Series.


Fleet A:     Division I,  Sports Boats, BW8

Fleet B:     Division II, Division III, Couta Boats, Flying 15, Contender

Fleet C:     Etchells and Dragons



Race days in this series are on Sundays on the following dates:

20 May Frostbite Series Race 1 1000
17 June Frostbite Series Race 2 1400
1 July Frostbite Series Race 3 1000
15 July Frostbite Series Race 4 1400
5 August Frostbite Series Race 5 1000
19 August Frostbite Series Race 6 1400
16 September Frostbite Series Race 7  Final (Incorp. Barts Bash) 1400











Race Documents

FLEETS  A & B  (Box Start)

Fleet A & B Supplementary Sailing Instructions HERE

Fleet A & B Courses HERE

(Links above provide copies of pages 16-17 SSI  and 76-77 Courses in the 2017-18 Sailing Handbook) 

FLEET C  (Mid River)

Information Sheet for Fleet C (Etchells and Dragons)  HERE


Enter this Series

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Individual Race Day Results

Progressive Results