2018 JESS Match Cup

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club
Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 January 2018


The JESS programme was a unique annual event which offered young yachtsmen and women the opportunity to not only improve their skills as sailors but to develop their character and leadership qualities. From 1988 until 2016 around 160 young sailors participated in JESS. Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club was proud to continue the original concept which was the brain child of the Coaching Co-ordinator of the time, Huck Scott.

His plan outlined an opportunity for young sailors to embark on a journey that would provide them with not only an enjoyable experience but an environment to develop valuable personal skills and lifelong friends.

“The JESS Experience is demanding on the sailors, clubs, parents and team leaders, but the rewards are rich. The experience for the sailors is a once in a life time event”.

To honour the history in JESS to provide opportunities to young sailors with the sport of sailing as well as celebrating the hosting of the WMRT events in 2017, RFBYC have named the annual open match racing event the JESS Match Cup.

Inaugural event 22 to 24 January 2018. 


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Event Information

World Sailing Grade Four Open Match Racing Event. 

Racing in BW8 yachts in Freshwater Bay, Perth WA. 

Youth and Women's teams encouraged. Prizes and perpetual trophy awarded to the highest placed Open, Youth (Under 25 on Friday 9 February 2018) and Women's team. 

Highest placed eligible youth team will gain an entry to the 2018 Warren Jones International Youth Regatta.


Race Information 


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Click here for the Sailing Instructions - updated, item 2.23 added on 21 January 2018 (V210118)

Team Information

Confirmed teams are listed here. 

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  1. INTREPID RACING - Will Drew, Jonathon Everett, Grayson Downes, Brock Pitcher, Rohin Kehal.
  2. SWIFT RACING - Mark Spearman, Luke Elliott, Romё Featherstone, James Stewart.
  3. CALYPSO RACING - Ethan Prieto-Low, Andrew Briggs, George Boulden, Hayden Hunt.
  4. ALPHA RACING TEAM - Will Boulden, Harry Hall, Emerson Carlberg, Alex Negri.
  5. TEAM VS - Sandy Anderson, Jenny Spearman, Leonie Rochford, Lyn Micha, Chris Hunt.
  6. Conor Nicholas - Conor Nicholas, Liam Seagreen, Matt Linguard, Richard Maher.
  7. VELOCITY RACING TEAM - Marcello Torre, Owen Ready, Raff Torre, Jacqui Swick, Oliver Mavrick.
  8. HARWIRED RACING - Luke Dobrich, Thomas Hodge, Kai Colman, Conall Hansford, Harry Cooke.




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