2019 Winter Frostbite Series

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club invites all keelboats to participate in the 2019 Keelboat Frostbite Invitation Series.


Fleet A:     Division I,  Sports Boats, BW8, Etchells

Fleet B:     Division II, Division III, Couta Boats, Flying 15, and Dragons.



Race days in this series are on Sundays on the following dates:

19 May Frostbite Series Race 1 1400
16 June Frostbite Series Race 2 1000
30 June Frostbite Series Race 3 1400
21 July Frostbite Series Race 4 1000
4 August Frostbite Series Race 5 1400
18 August Frostbite Series Race 6 1000
15 September Frostbite Series Race 7  Final  1000











Race Documents

Fleet A & B Supplementary Sailing Instructions and courses  HERE

(Link above provide copies of pages 70-71 for SSI  and 76-77 for courses from the 2018-19 RFBYC Sailing Handbook) 

Important Notes

The 2018-19 Frostbite Supplementary Sailing Instructions are amended to include the Etchells within the A Fleet  and Dragons within the B Fleet.  The formal amendment of this change can be viewed HERE.

Due to the anticipated works on the Start Box being delayed, the 2019 Frostbite Series Races will be started at the Club Line and not by the Start Boat as published between 19 May and 15 September in Appendix A of the 2018-19 Sailing Instructions (pages 45 to 50 of the 2018-19 Sailing Handbook).  The formal amendment of this change can be viewed HERE.

Enter this Series

Enter the 2019 Keelboat Frostbite Invitation Series by emailing sailadmin@rfbyc.asn.au 


Individual Race Day Results

Progressive Results 


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