2018-19 Night Race

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club will be conducting an evening / night race for keelboats on Friday 1st March, 2019.


This race will be conducted for Divisions 1 and 2 commencing at 1800hrs (under Category 7 Plus) and for Divisions III and Couta Boats commencing at 1730 to finish in daylight hours.

Note:  Divisions 1 and 2 will be required to complete a new Category 7 Plus form and submit it to the On Water Office to complete the entry.  

The evening night race will be conducted in accordance with the 2018-19 Standard Sailing Instructions subject to the additions and amendments of the Supplementary Sailing Instructions. 



Evening Race

1730 Couta Boats

1735 Division 3


Night Race (Category 7 Plus)

1800 Division I

1805 Division II



Supplementary Sailing Instructions.

Self Check YWA Special Regulations Equipment Compliance Card for Category 7 Plus

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Night and Evening Race results HERE