Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club has an active power yacht fleet that participates in competitive time trialling, cruising, raft-ups, sailing support and other coordinated activities. It is a requirement for all powerboats registered with the Club to participate in organised activity suitable for their type of vessel.

Power boats are rostered in sailing support roles during the sailing season. They also take part in VIP duty, raft ups and gala events such as opening day.

The Power Section is supported by a sailing administrator. To nominate your crew for any regatta email power@rfbyc.asn.au or call (08) 9286 8200.

Please follow this link for Power Documents

Power Time Trialling Season

Time Trialling provides you with a great opportunity to use your boat, big or small, on the river during the cooler winter months.

Time Trialling is a test of accuracy rather than speed, and requires that you arrive at checkpoints located a known distance apart at precisely the right time, based on your nominated speed of between 5 and 15 knots. Each boat starts individually at an allocated time and completes a set course around ‘Checkpoints’ on the river. The ‘team’ comprises of a skipper and a navigator, it is the role of the skipper to drive the boat, a knowledge of the river marks and speed restrictions is important. The navigator is responsible for timekeeping using any preferred method including modified clocks, stopwatches, and more recently various phone and tablet apps.

A one point penalty is applied for every second that a boat is early or late at each checkpoint, so that the boat with the lowest number of points lost wins the event.

It sounds simple, but getting the perfect “zero” score is deceptively difficult, and you will find yourself developing your knowledge of the river and perfecting your boat handling skills to achieve it.

Events usually start at 2 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon, and after finishing the event, participants proceed to the Club mooring in Freshwater Bay for some well-earned socialising before returning to the Clubhouse for the announcing of results commencing at 5:30pm.

The season begins in early May with a short time trial followed by a raft-up of boats on the Main Wharf, and ends with a short time trial and presentation of the Season prizes in the Athol Hobbs Room in late September. The season comprises of weekly Club events, special events, Invitational events and 5 State Teams Events each season.

Even though the lowest points lost wins an event and has a chance of becoming Club Champion, first on handicap receives an attractive weekly prize. We have some very generous season and weekly sponsors providing the opportunity for some fabulous prizes and trophies.

Summer Social Season - November to May

The Summer Calendar varies from year to year, and includes a number of organised power yacht activities over the summer.

A recent addition to our events is the Camp Quality Family Fun Day, run in conjunction with Camp Quality, this is a wonderful way to support kids with cancer and their families. Power owners volunteer to take out Camp Quality kids and their families for a cruise on the river followed by a picnic lunch on the Club lawn.

Past events have included twilight cruises, Garden Island day trips, and Rockingham and Mandurah weekends away. The recent popularity of the Rockingham Race Weekend has attracted a large number of power and sail boats to Mangles Bay for the weekend in early December.