Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club has an active power yacht fleet that participates in competitive time trialing, cruising, raft-ups, sailing support and other coordinated activities. The Club requires all powerboats registered with the Club to participate in organised activity suitable for their type of vessel.

Time Trialing is a great way to increase boat use and driver handling skill during the cooler winter months in an organised, competitive environment. Club representation to a State championship level is possible.

The Power yacht division conducts a number of cruises from a restaurant cruise to Fishing Boat Harbour to day trips to longer, week voyages. A great way to relax, socialise and use your boat.

Power boats are rostered in sailing support roles during the sailing season. They also take part in VIP duty, raft ups and gala events such as opening day.

The Power Division is supported by a sailing administrator. To nominate your crew for any regatta email power@rfbyc.asn.au or call (08) 9286 8200.