Offshore Safety

RFBYC yacht owners, please download our handy guide to assist you with the 2018-2019 season.

'2018-2019 Guide to Administration Procedures for Offshore Yacht Owners at RFBYC'.

AMSA Beacon registration. Click here to link to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority website. 

Click here to download the NEA SR Equipment Audit Forms 2017-2021

Click here for National Equipment Auditor information for WA.


Offshore Equipment Compliance Inspection

National Equipment Auditors (NEA) audit process recognised by all states and NEA audit forms used by all states.

Here is a summary of some of the main points you will need to be aware of:

•  The equipment being checked is  taken from the SR section of the AS 2017-20 electronic  Blue Book.

•  Audit forms available  for  download  from

•  These NEA forms are arranged as separate forms for each safety category – Safety Cat 1-7 and OTB

•  Your clubs safety auditors have been trained in the new national system as qualified National Equipment Auditors  (NEA) for  Safety Cat 1-7 or Club Equipment Auditors (CEA) for Safety Cat 3-7.

A copy of the Inflatable Life Jacket Inspection form is available HERE



1.  It is recommended you carry out an initial check using a copy of the relevant Equipment Compliance Form to ensure the equipment complies with the highest Category of race the boat is to compete in.

Note: The Compliance Form is only a summary, the Special Regulations in the AS RRS 2017-2020 should be consulted for details. Please contact your Club’s National Equipment Auditor  for assistance if you

have any queries.

2.  Obtain a current Equipment Compliance Form from your Club for the safety category you wish to comply with.

3.  Set out the items listed in “Documents and Books” and “Laid out below” sections.

4.  Complete the details on the top of the front of the Form. Check you have the form for the highest Category you wish to race in.

5.  In the check list, in the Owner Column place a tick, cross or N/A as appropriate.

6.  Contact your Club’s Offshore National Equipment Auditor and have them audit  the checked column.

7.  A charge of $25 may be levied by the Club if the National Equipment Auditor (NEA) has to return to complete the check list due to inadequate preparation by the owner.

8.  The completed form signed and dated by both the Owner and NEA will be given a unique number by the Club. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the form has been lodged with and copied by the Club and a number placed on the form prior to entering your first race of the season and in sufficient time to be recorded with AS/YWA.

9.  This Compliance Form number must be quoted on all Race Entry Forms.

10. The NEA Compliance Form must be kept on board and the boat’s equipment kept fully operational and to the required standard at all times.

11. A boat’s Club or the Race Organising Authority may carry out a spot equipment check before or after any race.

NOTE: For assistance in obtaining the prescription drugs required for Category 1 and 2 contact the Offshore Racing Western Australia Committee Chairman, after you have submitted your entry for the particular race.

Details of the Australian Sailing Safety and Sea Survival Course can be found on the Australian Sailing website. PLEASE CLICK HERE.


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