RFBYC's Dragon Fleet Captain is:  John Low

The Western Australian Dragon Class has raced from the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club following the introduction of the first boat "Leander" by Ernie Tomlinson in 1950.

There are 24 Dragon class yachts registered with the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club (RFBYC).

The major Western Australian Dragon Championships comprise the RFBYC Club Championship which is a seven race series held over the Clubs summer racing calendar from October to April and the WA State Championships, generally six or seven races series held in February/March.

2019 World International Dragon Championship

The Australian International Dragon Association, has been awarded the 2019 World International Dragon Championship to be sailed on the waters off Fremantle, Western Australia. The venue is well known for the defence by Australia of the America's Cup in 1987 and the hosting of the IASF Sailing World Championships in 2011.The host sailing club will be Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club (RFBYC), a club that has supported a fleet of Dragons since the early 1950s. Currently a fleet of 26 Dragons is registered at RFBYC which represents the largest fleet of Dragons racing in Australia. Situated on the Swan River and with a short twenty minute drive to Fremantle, RFBYC is considered one of the most prestigious yacht club locations in Australia, if not the world.

In hosting this event RFBYC will partner with the Fremantle Sailing Club (FSC), an ocean based location that can provide all the appropriate facilities for all the on-water activities. Within the port city of Fremantle and just minutes from the container terminal in Fremantle harbour, FSC has very modern facilities and is well located to the racing courses and for transport logistics for the movement of competing boats.

Many international yachting regattas have been conducted from this venue over the years including the 1995 World Dragon Championships, the 2006 Etchell World Championships (a fleet of 70 boats) and the  ISAF World Sailing Championships (1200 sailing yachts), together with a host of national championships.

For further information:  2019 World International Dragon Championsip