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Operational Documents




Sailing Instructions & Courses


Printable version:  2016-17 Sailing Handbook


2016-17 Sailing Handbook Amendments

Amendment No. 1 - Dragon Fleet Mid River Course 1

Amendment No. 2 - Dinghy Courses:  Boat Start

Amendment No. 3 - Dinghy Courses:  Box Start

Amendment No. 16 - Mirror Schedule of Races

Amendment No. 18 - Dinghy Racing Cancelled: 15 January 2017

Posted 7 October 2016

Posted 10 October 2016

Posted 10 October 2016

Posted 11 January 2017

Posted 13 January 2017


Current Boat Storage Allocations

Dinghy Shed: C/D

Dinghy Shed: E/F

Dinghy Shed: G/H

​Dinghy Racks: Lasers

To view current storage allocations for C/D please click here.

To view current storage allocations for E/F please click here.

To view current storage allocations for G/H please click here.

​To view current storage allocations for the Laser Shed please click here.


Registration and Storage Documents

Boat Registration Form

Dinghy Nomination Form 2016-17





Equipment Compliance Card for Part 2 - Off the Beach Boats
Print Version                     Interactive PDF Online Version


Dinghy Storage Policy & Procedure

Dinghy Storage Application Form

YA: A Sailor's Guide to Insurance

To register your dinghy complete this form.

To nominate to race in the 2016-17 season complete this form.

Amendment to Nomination Forms (23/11/2016):   Please note the Nomination forms have been updated to remove Clause (e) from the entry declaration. The Club will continue to work to review options in relation to this clause on insurance liability for the 2017-18 season.

All competing yachts must complete this form and upload it as part of the nomination process.


Club's Dinghy storage policy and procedure.

To apply for Dinghy Storage please click here.

A helpful guide to to insurance for sailor's.


Club Boat Hire Agreements

Club Dinghy Usage Guidelines & Form

Club Power Boat Usage Guidelines & Form

To hire a dinghy please complete this form.

To hire a power boat please complete this form.


Addtional Documents

Travel Grant Application

Dinghy Fleet Captains Contact Details - 2016-17

Summary of Rules Changes for Sailors on the Water:  2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing

To apply for a travel grant please complete this form.

Fleet Captains contact details.




Volunteering at the Club

RFBYC Volunteer Charter

Dinghy On Water & On Shore Volunteer Opportunities

Information regarding volunteering at RFBYC.

Volunteer roles