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Recreational Skippers Ticket Course

The Western Australian Recreational Skippers Ticket is a must have for everybody who wants to drive any vessel including yachts with a motor larger than 6hp. The process of obtaining your RST should be a fun and stress free experience, so we have developed a number of models which achieve these aims. Additionally you will gain greater competence by choosing the model that best suits you.

At this time we have decided to put a hold on courses delivered at RFBYC until February 2021 while we review our process of delivery and instructor network.

If you would like to complete your RST Australian Sailing WA has a network of 52 Assessors registered to their RTO.

You can find the list of RST Assessors and their contact information HERE.


Forms for Application

Pro Forma Letter of Consent

Medical Fitness Declearation

Proof of Identity Information


RST Course Materials - Workbooks and Quizes

RST Workbook

Practice Quizes


Eyesight Declaration

The Eyesight Declaration is required prior to the commencement of the practical session. This form is not required to be completed by those who hold an Australia driver's license or learners permit - for participants that do not hold these documents an eyesight form must be completed. Please ensure the Department of Transport form is used and the original is submitted to the Club - DoT will not accept copies or alternate forms.

Medical Fitness Declaration

A self-declared medical statement is required before obtaining the Western Australian Recreational Skipper's Ticket. Should you have any conditions that would affect your ability to safely operate a recreational vessel, including but not limited to; epilepsy, heart disease, high/low blood pressure, arthritis or diabetes you will need to ensure the Medical Fitness Declaration is completed and submitted as soon as possible.

Pro Forma Letter of Consent

The Pro Forma Letter of Consent is required for all participants under the age of 18. If you are under 18, please ensure the form is completed and submitted on the first day of the course. Please note that the Department of Transport requires the person signing the consent form to have the same surname as the participant. If the person signing the consent form has a different surname, the Department of Transport requires proof of legal guardianship in the form of the child's birth certificate or marriage certificate.

Proof of Identity

The Department of Transport requires assessors to sight proof of identity documentation. The easiest form of proof is an Australian driver's license, learners permit or Australian passport (not expired for more than two years). If you have none of these please read HERE carefully to ensure that you bring approved documentation. Please bring these documents with you on the first day of your course.