Main Wharf Etiquette

With the sailing season opening just over a week away, members are kindly asked to respect the protocols for berthing on the main wharf.  We only have a finite amount of space and all boat owners are asked to be patient and courteous to other boat users, especially at peak times and before and after Club racing.

You are asked to note the following rules and guidelines which apply to the entire wharf including the dog-leg near to the Tam Thompson berth, and also the spur of A jetty:

  • The Main Wharf is to be kept free of boats from 12:00 noon until the start of racing on Saturdays to allow access for fleets which require the hoists for launching; vessels may berth alongside after the start of racing until 3:30pm.  After that time, once all competing yachts have been retrieved, vessels may again berth alongside. 

  • The Main Wharf is also to be kept free for all other scheduled Club racing times, unless the owner is aboard or nearby with a mobile number clearly displayed.

  • Under no circumstances may boats be moored alongside the main wharf for periods exceeding two hours at any time without the express permission from the CEO, Bosun or Yachting Operations Manager.

  • As a matter of courtesy, any vessel which at other times is obstructing the use of the hoists should vacate that position to allow reasonable use of it.

  • Hardstand yachts should clear the wharf promptly after launching to allow others to launch.

  • Similarly, boats waiting to crane out should not obstruct the wharf adjacent to other cranes whilst waiting for their turn.

  • There is no mooring on the wharf adjacent to the fuel bowsers except whilst taking fuel.

In summary, please show consideration to other members who require access to the wharf.  This is not always immediately apparent, so you are requested to bear this in mind when mooring your vessel.

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