The 'Murray Johnson Volunteer of the Year' Award

The 'Murray Johnson Volunteer of the Year' Award

Nomination Guide

The ‘Murray Johnson Volunteer of the Year’ trophy will be presented in honour of a member who has made an exemplary voluntary contribution and who through their volunteering has made a significant impact to RFBYC.

Murray Johnson was a long-time member, joining the Club in 1947 where he remained a member until his passing in January 2019.  Murray dedicated over 30 years of volunteer service to the Club and was awarded Special membership in recognition of his contribution.  Sadly in 2018 Murray was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  It was Murray’s wish to donate a perpetual trophy and with the help of his good friend Ron Fletcher they set about organising a trophy that will keep Murray’s memory alive at RFBYC.  Past Commodore, Basil Twine put his fine workmanship into action creating a unique trophy and organising a beautiful memento book to record recipients of this trophy.  Murray was a regular time-keeper on our Race Management team and it was through his role, that the idea of an hour glass held by a pair of hands came to fruition. 

Nominations are open to volunteers who have contributed on-water (Race Management) and/or on-shore (ie: Committees, Archives, Event Organising etc).  Each year in September nominations will open for the ‘Murray Johnson Volunteer of the Year’ trophy.

Nomination Criteria

  1. The volunteer nominated must be a member of RFBYC.
  2. The volunteer may have contributed in various areas of the Club ie On-Water and/or On-Shore.
  3. A volunteer may not self-nominate.
  4. Nominators must complete the nomination form and provide contact details of two (2) referees who are members of RFBYC.
  5. The nominee and the two (2) referees must be aware of and agree to the nomination.
  6. All hard copies of nomination information and supporting material will remain the property of RFBYC.
  7. A selection panel identified by General Committee will consider all nominations and will select the worthy recipient for the Murray Johnson Volunteer of the Year.
  8. The judges’ decision will be final with no correspondence being entered into.

Follow these steps to nominate a volunteer:

  • Confirm your nominee agrees to be nominated and comfortable with some publicity that may follow.
    Identify two people to be referees and confirm they are willing to be referees.
  • Check the entry conditions for the award.
  • Research facts and information that shows the amazing contribution of your nominee.
  • Collect supporting evidence, eg: photos media clippings, letters or statements of support, certificates, marks of achievements – up to 4 sides of A4.  You can add this to your online nomination or email it as a pdf attachment to with the name of the nominee.
  • Compose your response to the 2 selection criteria – up to 500 words for each – explaining why your nominee deserves to receive this award.
  • Obtain a photo of your nominee in a relevant setting that shows the nominee’s face.  Photos must be in jpeg format, at high resolution (>1MB).  Email this photo to with the name of the nominee.
  • Go online at and complete the online nomination form or alternatively complete the nomination form attached to the Guidelines here.
  • Submit your nomination and supporting documents by 5:00pm 30 September 2020.
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