Today we focus in on some of our annual Club events that build community and lifelong friendships.

The A R Bennett Memorial Weekend was first held in 1975. Mr Bennett (known as Sam) had been Commodore of RPYC from 1958 to 1960 and subsequently Rear Commodore Juniors at RFBYC.

It was his idea to foster a close relationship between the two “Royal” yacht clubs through their junior members and to show those juniors that they were an important part of their respective clubs.  Following the death of Sam Bennett his family took the initiative to formalise these ideas by commencing the annual A R Bennett Memorial Race and commissioning a magnificent trophy for the event.The trophy, carved from wood, represents a Pelican Dinghy sailing over choppy waters.  This is mounted on a plinth with silver plates commemorating the winners over its history.

A R Bennett Memorial Trophy 

Senior members of both Clubs welcomed Junior and Dinghy sailors onto their racing yachts for a weekend on the water. The opportunity allowed Junior and Dinghy sailors to sail on the Ocean, to sleep on a Yacht and to navigate their way to Rottnest Island and back again.

In short, the A R Bennett weekend provided fellowship, tradition and an opportunity for young members of both Clubs to have fun in boats!

The last A R Bennett Memorial weekend was in 2010 and was won by the Yacht “Time Bandit”. 

Below is the March 2005 Tidings article featuring a story on the 30th A R Bennett Memorial Weekend. 

In recent years the Adventurer’s Club has become a very popular social on water activity for our Club members to enjoy. The Club runs 6 opportunities over the Summer season from October to May.

Sail to a mysterious location on the Swan River, enjoy an ice-cream, activities and then navigate your way back to the Club by sail.

Locations we have visited over the years have included Zephyr Café, John Tonkin Reserve, Russell Brown Adventure Park, Bicton Baths, Chidley Reserve, Point Walter and Mrs Herberts Park.

An appropriate location is decided on the day depending on the weather conditions and group size. The sailors choose a Dinghy to sail, work together to rig and sail the Dinghy, to and from the location often with little or no instruction.

The outcomes achieved include an opportunity for members to spend time in different boats, to build skills and confidence to sail to various locations on the Swan River, whilst in the company of fellow members. There are a few rules but most of the time it is an opportunity for sailors to be curious and explore in ways that they often could not get the opportunity to do during Club racing.

Members should look forward to participating in the Adventurer’s Club morning sails over the 2020-21 sailing season. Stay tuned for further information.

A selection of our Adventurer's Club highlights over the 2019-20 Summer Season.




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