Argo incident in Bunbury and Return Ocean Race

Argo incident in Bunbury and Return Ocean Race

Whilst racing in the 72 Bunbury return ocean race, at approximately 11pm Friday 14 February, Argo ran aground on Coventry Reef.

Argos crew drifted the boat off the leeward side of the reef assessed injuries and damage before making contact with RFBYC race control to inform them of their situation then informed them on their retirement and plans to return to FSC under their own power. Apart from a crew member suffering a substantial concussion all other crew are safe and well, damage to Argo is being assessed. 

Skipper, Rees Howell commented, This was a simple but critical navigation error, fortunately the crew where very responsive in recovering the boat and caring for injured crew. Despite the lack of experience they showed much maturity in an emergency event. 

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image: John Chapman – Sails on Swan

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