Briefing for Jon Sanders Welcome home Flotilla

Briefing for Jon Sanders Welcome home Flotilla

It is anticipated that there will be a significant volume of recreational vessels in and around the Fremantle Port when Jon sails in at approximately 1400 on Sunday afternoon the 11th of February.

In order to ensure the safety of all concerned we request that RFBYC skippers planning to attend or expect to be in the vicinity to read the following guidelines:


  1. Timing – Perie Banou II is expected to arrive just south of the South Mole between 1330 and 1400.
  2. The Fremantle Port authority have requested that vessels:

  • Keep clear of any commercial vessels entering or leaving the Port
  • Congregate outside of the navigation channel to the South of the South Mole. This means to the south of the green channel marks 1&2 just outside the harbour entrance
  • Vessels not to stop or ‘loiter’ while in the harbour, to do so is an offence
  • Always travel on the starboard side of the channel and maintain forward motion
  • Maintain Radio watch on Channel 77 VHF. The power boat Kerrie Ann will be the marshall boat and she will broadcast any relevant information provided by the Port Control Tower or other agencies
  • Be aware that there may be a container ship arriving after 1400, please keep well clear and remember that the Master cannot see small boats under their bow and that the prop wash from tugs can be significant.

  1. In the event of an emergency Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue will have a number of vessels in and around the harbour, the Department of Transport and Water police are also aware of the welcome home.”


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