The Big Splash WA - Raising Awareness of Mental Health Issues in Kids, Teenagers & Young Adults

The Big Splash WA - Raising Awareness of Mental Health Issues in Kids, Teenagers & Young Adults

In conjunction with the Perth Children's Hospital Foundation's, The Big Splash WA initiative, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club would like to help raise awareness of mental health issues in kids, teenagers and young adults.

The Club would like to promote the awareness of mental health issues by inviting skippers/owners to 'fly a flag' from their boats on the following occasions:

  • Windward/Leeward Race Day – Saturday, 3 February
  • Twilight Sail – Wednesday, 7 February
  • Mid Week Race – Thursday, 8 February
  • Power Twilight Time Trial – Friday, 9 February

Of course skippers/owners are welcome to continue to fly their flags thereafter.  We have chosen these dates so members unite and fly the flags together creating a real spectacle and helping to raise awareness of mental health issues in kids, teenagers and young adults.  RPYC and some other Club's around the river will be joining us in 'flying the flags' during this period. 

Flags are now available for purchase from Reception at $20 each.  Please come on board and support this important cause.

Did you know that one in five Australians experience a mental health difficulty at some point?  Mental health problems know no age or social boundaries yet many of us still feel unable to discuss concerns or approach a friend who may be showing signs of distress.   The ripple effects of mental health crises are far-reaching and impact friends, family and colleagues.

By purchasing and proudly flying your flags, you give a voice to those who are silences by misplaced stigma or shame.  The time has come to turn whispers into confident conversations and remind anyone experiencing mental health issues that they can speak openly, they are not alone, and real help is available.

Making a Big Splash for Mental Health

Mental health is one of the three most important issues for young Western Australians.  Compared to five years ago, four times as many young people are presenting to Emergency Departments with mental health crises including repeated self-injury and attempted suicide.

The message from mental health experts is clear, prevention and early intervention are crucial to turning things around.  Children and their loved ones need to be given the tools to recognise and cope with issues as they arise. 

These alarming figures led members of Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy initiative to look for a way to help.  And so The Big Splash WA campaign was conceived.

Developed in conjunction with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), the campaign is raising awareness of children’s mental health and equipping young people and their families with tools and resources to help them cope with whatever challenges life throws their way.

The Big Splash WA kicked off in August 2017 with the launch of the Schools Program. A series of age appropriate mental health resource kits for students from pre-kindy to year 12 have been developed around three key messages:

1. You are not alone.
2. It is ok to talk about your feelings and concerns.
3. Real help is available.

Each kit is full of age appropriate activities, linked back the school curriculum and has a teacher and parent kit to support it. 

Over 46 schools throughout WA have already signed up to the program and are implementing the resource kits with their students.
The dolphin was chosen to represent the initiative because of the many similar traits between dolphins and humans.  Like us, dolphins thrive in groups, display distress in isolation, have distinct personalities and flaws, protect their young and most vulnerable, and need to come up for air and to blow off steam from time to time.

In order to engage as many West Australians as possible in raising child mental health awareness, a pod of vibrant dolphin sculptures will shower the city with a splash of colour along The Big Splash WA Art Trail from January to March 2018.

Painted by commissioned artists, these dolphins provide the public an opportunity to show their support for child and adolescent mental health while learning ways in which to stay mentally healthy themselves. To learn more about The Big Splash WA visit or call the Foundation on (08) 9489 1100.

The Big Splash WA Initiatives

The Big Splash WA Art Trail
20 January – 4 March 2018

A pod of wildly colourful dolphin have swum into town as part of a vibrant public art trail.  They are here to raise awareness of child and adolescent mental health and come with three clear messages:

1. You are not alone.
2. It’s OK to talk about your feelings and concerns.
3. Real help is available. 

There are 36 stunning dolphin sculptures to discover – visit The Big Splash Website HERE for all the details.

The Big Splash WA South 32 Art Hub
22 January – 4 February 2018

Presented in partnership with South 32, the Art Hub is a wonderful opportunity to get involved and help paint two of The Big Splash WA dolphin sculptures.

Located at Elizabeth Quay, the Art Hub will run from 10am and 2pm.
Note: the Art Hub will not operate on Australia Day.

Download The Big Splash WA app!
Available from the App Store or Google Play for just $1.99, The Big Splash WA app is full of extra information on the dolphins, mental health tips, special rewards and offers.

Use the app to track your progress around the trail, add photos to our gallery and share them on social media #thebigsplashwa #pchfwa.

The Big Splash WA Schools Program
The Big Splash WA Schools Program has been developed in response to the alarming increase in the number of children and young people presenting to Emergency Departments with self-harm and attempted suicide – a 400% increase in the last five years.

The program helps teachers and parents navigate the topic of mental health and wellbeing with their students and children.  With a focus on building resilience, the program teaches children to recognise their emotions and develop essential coping strategies. 

Participating schools receive a series of age appropriate student resource kits, each accompanied by a teacher and parent kit.   Kits are linked back to the school curriculum with student worksheets, class and individual activities, and details of mental health resources and organisations able to provide practical support.

For more information contact Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation on (08) 9489 1100 or visit

The Big Splash WA Farewell Weekend
17 and 18 March 2018

Before the amazing dolphins swim off to their permanent homes, the whole pod will come together for a special farewell on 17 and 18 March.

The Big Splash WA Art Trail dolphin pod will be joined by a number of dolphin calves painted and decorated by children throughout WA participating in The Big Splash WA Schools Program.

This will be your only chance to see the whole pod in one place along with their amazing little calves.  There will be some very special photo opportunities along with family fun and activities.

Details of this special weekend will be announced during the trail.  Follow Perth Children's Hospital Foundation on social media pchfwa or vist for all the latest information.&lt; <big>The Big Splash WA Auction</big><br /> <strong>16 March 2018</strong><br /> <br /> If you would love to give one (or more!) of the stunning The Big Splash WA Art Trail dolphins a home, register your interest in our auction by emailing

All proceeds from the auction will enable Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation to fund innovative programs to support children and young people dealing with mental health issues and at risk of self-harm and suicide.

We look forward to your Support with Flying a Flag to help raise awareness of Children's Mental Health!

Click HERE for further information on 'The Big Splash WA'.

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