Podium Places for R.F.B.Y.C Sailors at ICR Regatta 2017!!

Podium Places for R.F.B.Y.C Sailors at ICR Regatta 2017!!


RFBYC would like to congratulate and acknowledge the many Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club members who participated in the ICR Regatta 25 – 26 November 2017.

O’pen BIC Gold Fleet (15 boats)

1st Will Drew

2nd Rosie Hennessy

3rd Jenna Everett

7th Drina Bucktin

9th Zachary Sprunt

13th Elise Moore

15th Evie Rose


O’pen BIC Silver Fleet (8 boats)

1st George Elms

2nd Angus Cameron

3rd Alasdair Cameron

5th Angus Dodd

6th Campbell House

8th Ethan Branchi


Optimist Gold (36 boats)

6th Molly Alderson

7th Mia Lovelady

19th James Ferguson

22nd Domenic Beer

27th Giacomo Helliar

28th Christophe Gardner

30th Lachy Owen

31st Amy Moore

33rd Tilly Wittenoom


Optimist Silver (24 boats)

6th Alex Molyneux

7th James Pitt

9th Sophie Lane

11th Tyson Barwood

12th Grace Owen

15th Josh Criddle

18th Max Pearse

19th Brenn Armstrong

19th Tom Pickering

19th Ollie Towner

19th Max Guit


Mirror (9 boats)

1st Alex O’Beirne & Charlotte O’Beirne

2nd Peter Dean & Rohan Dean

3rd Michael Judge & Tyler Sprunt

4th Alexander Bootsma & Tom Chatfield

5th Ben Lane & Sam Hoffmann


Flying Ants (6 boats)

3rd Toby Webster (RFBYC) & Jameel Willson-Imamdin


Laser 4.7 (13 boats)

3rd Ezra Kaye


Laser Radial (12 boats)

1st Zac Littlewood

4th Callan Little

8th David Joyce

11th Jaden Mercer

12th Stefan Ayden-White


Laser Standard (4 boats)

4th Rohin Kehal


29er (10 boats)

1st Kieran Bucktin & Shannon Wright

2nd Annabelle Davies & Madison Woodward

3rd Axel Fleet (RFBYC) & Jack Luketina

4th Domenic Mann & Ben Walsh

5th Genevieve Hennessy & Brendon Wright

7th Sam Rose & Jonathon Everett

10th Brock Pitcher & Laura Quinlivan


Contender (10 boats)

1st Clay Cook

2nd Simon Barwood

3rd Richard Whitaker

4th Iain Larkins

5th Jacob Donraadt

6th Steven Clark

7th Adam Linton

8th Stefan Golic

8th Christopher McDonald

8th Richard Shallcross


420 (14 boats)

1st Marcello Torre & Owen Ready

2nd Joshua Pang & Liam Forrester

4th Raffael Torre & Thomas Hodge

5th Lucy Alderson & Sophie Townes

6th Jamie Bougher (RFBYC) & Jack Joyner

7th Harry Joyner & Caylim Vause (RFBYC)

9th Florian Mitteregger & Oliver Medd

11th Macca Taylor & Jackie Swick (RFBYC)

12th Josh O’Dea & Max Shannon

13th Kaiella Taylor & Oliver Mitteregger

14th Thomas Ostergaard & Grayson Downes


Bronze Fleet

Jemima Austin

Jacob Branchi

Harry Chandler

Joshua Chatfield

George Foster

Elena Frank

William Gillham

Isla Molyneux

Mutsuha Miyoshi

Sasha Munro

Alexander Pitt

Zachary Schultz

James Stephan


Orange Fleet

Jonathan Foster

Tom Pickering

Xavier Smith


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