RFBYC Sailors Shine at 2017 Sail Fremantle Regatta


2017 Sail Fremantle Regatta

RFBYC would like to congratulate and acknowledge the many Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club members who braved the cold blistery conditions for the annual Sail Fremantle Regatta on 28 & 29 October 2017.  

O'pen BIC (12 boats)
2nd           Will Drew
3rd            Rosalie Hennessy
4th            Jenna Everett
5th            Zachary Sprunt
7th            Drina Bucktin
11th          George Elms

Optimst Gold (22 boats)
2nd           Mia Lovelady
3rd            Molly Alderson
18th          James Ferguson

Flying Ant (4 boats)
2nd          Toby Webster (RFBYC) & Jameel Willson-Imamdin

Laser 4.7 Fleet (11 boats)
3rd           Ezra Kaye

29er Fleet (7 boats)
1st           Kieran Bucktin & Shannon Wright
2nd          Annabelle Davies & Madison Woodward
3rd           Ben Walsh & David Atwell
4th           Axel Fleet (RFBYC) & Jack Luketina
6th           Jamie Bougher (RFBYC) & Jack Joyner
5th           Murray Buchan & Andrew Buchan
6th          Genevieve Hennessy (RFBYC) & Ben Gallagher
7th          Caylim Vause & Nathan Stacey

420 Fleet (11 boats)
1st           Marcello Torre (RFBYC) & Owen Ready
2nd          Raffael Torre & Tom Hodge
4th           Lucy Alderson & Sophie Townes
6th           Jamie Bougher (RFBYC) & Jack Joyner
9th           Joshua O'Dea & Max Shannon
10th         Kaiella Taylor (RFBYC) & Abbey Cassidy
11th         Jacqueline Swick (RFBYC) & Mackenzie Taylor

Laser Radial Fleet (15 boats)
1st           Zachary Littlewood
2nd          Oliver Pabbruwe
4th           Campbell House
5th           Romë Featherstone
10th         Zoe Thomson
12th         Callan Little

505 Fleet (7 boats)
1st           Michael Duffield & Anthony Gaunt (RFBYC)
2nd          Matthew Hansen (RFBYC) & Chris White
4th           Mark Stowell (RFBYC) & Riley Skipworth
5th           Roger Pell (RFBYC) & Byron Mavrick
6th           Nicholas Mariani & Andrew Cawley (RFBYC)

Laser Standard Fleet (9 boats)
7th          Grant Lovelady
8th          Rohin Kehal

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