Immediate Removal of Unauthorised Trailers

The Club is requesting the immediate removal of unauthorised trailers behind the Junior Clubhouse and on the lawn area adjacent the Flying 15 hard-standing area.  A notice was posted requesting removal of trailers from the Club grounds by 30 June 2017 however, there are still many remaining.

Please refer to the Club Bylaws Item 5.2.1 as set out below:

Dinghies, boats, trailers and other items will be placed only in prescribed racks, sheds or hardstandings and not elsewhere.  They shall not be left indiscriminately around the Club Premises.  A handling charge of $50 will be imposed upon any member who places his dinghy or boat in an unauthorised place or in a rack or hard-standing without it having been allocated to him, together with a charge of $50 per month where a boat, dinghy, trailer or other item is impounded after being left without authorisation in the Club premises.  Where an item is not reclaimed within a period of 6 months, the Committee is authorised to dispose of it.

Unauthorised trailers currently on the Club grounds will be chained together by Monday, 27 August and will only be available for release during office hours.  A fee will be applicable for their release.  In the event, the unauthorised trailers have not been reclaimed or removed within 6 months they will be disposed of.

Queries regarding unauthorised trailers in the Club grounds should be directed to





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