Underwater rock mound planned to protect Fremantle Rail Bridge

Underwater  rock mound planned to protect Fremantle Rail Bridge

Preparations  are underway for the installation of an underwater rock mound in the north-eastern  corner of Fremantle Port's Inner Harbour to protect the Fremantle Rail Bridge from the risk of vessel impact. A contract has been awarded to Fremantle-based company Total AMS for the construction works. The work is scheduled to begin in late June for completion in mid August.

The decision to install this barrier follows shipping incidents in 2011 and 2014. The underwater rock mound will provide additional protection for the north western section of the bridge. The remaining sections are already protected by the presence of the Wongara Shoal and by structures installed in front of some of the bridge pylons by Main Roads WA and the Public Transport Authority.

Fremantle Ports has also invested in a ShoreTension hydraulic mooring system and installed additional storm bollards.

The underwater rock mound, (clearly marked by navigational aids) will be about 60 metres long and 20 metres wide.  The highest point will be visible only in some low tidal conditions. It will not be located in the path of port vessels or of commercial/recreational vessels navigating the spans of the Fremantle Rail Bridge.

The limestone rocks used will be a specified minimum of 20cm in diameter and will be pre-washed  to minimise plume as they are placed into position in the harbour.

Physical modelling has been undertaken for Fremantle Ports by coastal engineers to achieve an optimal design. Impact on current flow in the main navigation channels between the two bridges is expected to be negligible.,_

A briefing on the project will be held at Fremantle Ports' Administration Building. 1 Cliff Street. Fremantle at 4 p.m. on Thursday 29 June.  If you would like to attend or send a representative.  please reply via this email.


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