Fun in Keelboats@RFBYC

Due to the success of some recent teams racing training sessions on the BW8 keelboats, we are pleased to advise the continuation of these training sessions throughout winter. 

In addition to learning the skills of teams race training, we will also look to introduce fleet & match race skills under the guidance of a coach.  Sessions are scheduled for Saturday mornings from 09:30 – 11:30am.  Some sailing experience is preferable for these sessions.  If you are interested in joining in, please register your interest with the On-Water Department.   Please note if you have limited or no sailing experience and interested in learning to sail on keelboats, why not register for a ‘Learn to Sail in Keelboats’ adult training course @ RFBYC.  Click HERE to view what is available.

Emphasis at these training sessions in BW8’s will be on having some ‘fun’ on keelboats, however an added bonus for you, will be that you will learn some great skills & knowledge on fleet racing, teams racing or match racing.  Not to mention the friendships you will make along the way! 

Hope to see you out on the water very soon.

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