FSC Winter Inshore Series 2015

FSC Winter Inshore Series 2015

Story by, This Way Up

It might be winter, but we can still have fun, fun, fun racing offshore!  The place to be for a bit of a Challenge is Fremantle Sailing Club, for the Winter Inshore Series, as well as the Valmadre Cup & State IRC Championships.  The inshore races are about 15nm around the cans on a Saturday afternoon, with 40 or more yachts competing. This Way Up is the only Freshie boat competing in the inshore series. We were last at FSC for this in winter 2011, when we won the series very convincingly (https://youtu.be/ZQaLFEV07cY), before getting distracted with a Sydney-Hobart campaign. 

With two races down & five to go, we’ve picked up a bullet & a close second on IRC to take a good lead in the series.

This Saturday sees a pick-up in the pace with the first offshore race of the Valmadre Cup & IRC State titles.  This Way Up will be joined by a big contingent from RFBYC, including By & Large, French Kiss, Joss, The X Factor, Indian and defending champion The Next Factor.

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