Pradeep Thapa Fundraising for the people of Nepal

As we all know many people died and many are injured in Nepal because of the earthquake. I am still waiting to hear from some of my friends and relatives. Hope they are safe. 

I am heading to Nepal probably next week to volunteer for 2 weeks. I am paying for my ticket which will allow me to carry 68kg. I want to buy at least 10 tents as most of the people in Nepal have lost their houses.  I will also buy some working boots for the people. I will be buying some cloths and lots of foods in Nepal depending on how much money I able to raise and what I can afford.

There are many ways to donate money if you want. As I am local I know what I am doing to help the people and I know what they actually need. I know I won't be able to help all the people but some who need it most.  My friends will be joining me for this work.  

If you like to help me to help them. Please donate some money, bank account detail below:

Account details: 

Pradeep Thapa fundraising account

BSB- 016-334

Account number - 2189-12571

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards.                

Pradeep Thapa

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