Welcoming our youth members to adult membership.

Welcoming our youth members to adult membership.

On Friday 13 March we held our first welcome night dedicated to our youth members who have recently transitioned to our adult category of membership. This new initiative aims to provide our younger members, particularly those who have been sailing in our dinghy section, a taste of yachting as well as introducing them to other adult members.

The twelve invited young adults split into two groups and joined the crew of MEII and Black Betty for a fun twilight race. The yachts started on the Club line and put on a good spectacle for those watching from up on the Club lawn. We say fun, but yachties can’t help but be competitive. MEII did all she could to keep up with Black Betty and remained hot on her tail for the duration of the race. The young sailors on MEII had a great show of working the yacht to the max with constant sail changes. There were spinnakers and fancy looking headsails being hoisted and lowered as the crew showed their guests how to get the most speed out of the yacht.

It was Black Betty who led through the line and there were plenty of smiles on-board the two yachts as they crossed the finish line. They returned to be welcomed by other members in the clubhouse.

During the formalities, participants were introduced to the other members and all were honoured to hear some tips and tales from guest speaker, Mr Peter Gilmour. Peter had many great experiences to share. He has been a longstanding member of RFBYC, growing up as a junior he progressed through the dinghy fleets and went on to an impressive career in the sport.

Thank you to the many members who got involved to make this a wonderful evening for the youth members. Especially our yachtsmen, Peter Hickson, Gary McNally and Bryan Thurstan, without the offer of their yachts and assistance from their crew this event would not have been possible.

This new function will be ongoing event and any members wishing to assist may contact the Membership Coordinator.


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