Naval Establishment to be Protected from Unwitting Boaters

The Hon Phil Edman MLC, Member for South Metropolitan Region, is pleased to report that the Minister for Transport, the Hon Dean Nalder MLA, has approved measures to improve awareness for boat users of the HMAS Stirling exclusion zones around Garden Island.

At present some recreational boat users in the area are crossing into the zones unwittingly, exposing the establishment to potential threats.

HMAS Stirling has important strategic significance to Australia’s defensive and offensive activities in the Indian Ocean and is Australia’s premier naval establishment.

“Particularly in times such as these we should be ensuring that establishments made to protect us are not themselves put in threat,” Mr Edman said.

The Minister for Transport will be including more specific references to the exclusion zones at Garden Island when the Recreational Skippers Ticket workbook is reviewed this year. Signage at local boat ramps will also be revisited for potential improvement in highlighting the existence of these areas.

“These publications will be reviewed in consultation with the Navy to ensure the restricted zones are more prominent, well known, and observed,” Minister Nalder said.

“I am glad this issue is being dealt with in such a timely manner that reflects its serious nature,” Mr Edman concluded.

More information on the exclusion zones around Garden Island can be found HERE.


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