Third Place in the Windy City!

Third Place in the Windy City!

The three day event saw some huge ups-and-downs for the team,some light shifty races in the round-robin allowed a number of matches to get away from us. In the end, Neptune Racing finished the round-robin with a 5-6 scorecard which allowed us to scrape through to the quarter-finals in 8th place.

The quarter-finals saw us matched up against Nate Hollerbach- a local sailor who was well trained in the boats and local conditions. He showed some skills early, to get out to a 0-2 lead over us in a first to three final. From there the team rallied, managing to take back three races in a row all of which went down the the wire, as a result we progressed through to the semi-finals.

The semi-final was a different story, being chosen by reigning world champion Taylor Canfield, the team knew we needed to be on our A-game. After a close first match we let Canfield and team run away with three races in a row, going down in our semi-final 0-3. While all the races were very close The local was too good and we were unable to capitalise. The races provided us with a level to aim towards in coming events.

The petit-final against 36 Below Racing, helmed by Chris Steele saw some of our most exciting racing of the day, with penalties going both ways throughout the series. Racing was highlighted by a big crash that saw Neptune Racing deducted 0.75 of a point in a controversial decision that has sparked much debate.

Click HERE below to watch some aerial drone footage from the incident and let us know what you think! We're in the black boat, Steele is the yellow.

We went into the 4th race confident despite the point deduction and were able to secure a 3rd win to Steele’s 1, giving us third place with a score line of 2.25-1!

In the grand final; Canfield won 3-1 over Pierre-Antione Morvan from France.

We have to say a big thanks to the Chicago Match Racing Center for hosting a great event, and Amy Schwartz for putting up with us in her home and looking after us all week.

This is the first of a four regatta Grand Slam Series raced throughout the US, and all results contribute points towards overall points for a number of future regatta qualifications. A third place puts us in good stand for the series, as we get underway in Detroit on Thursday.

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