Mini Dock Party - Welcome Freshie Boats by Bryan Thurstan

Mini Dock Party - Welcome Freshie Boats by Bryan Thurstan

The rain held off and the start team shortened the course to make sure everyone made the dock party at Freshie to welcome in the offshore fleet’s two “new” additions: “Mulberry Estate 2” – Peter Hickson’s Ker39 and “This Way Up” returning from nearly 12 months of Bluewater Racing on the East Coast.  Bryan, Hamish and the TWU crew were first to tie up and entertain the punters. “Seven of you spent 4 ½ days bashing south in just THAT little space…???”  was the common refrain!  You should have seen how cramped it was once we had all the Cat 1 gear on board!  Several well travelled bottles of wine and rum were eagerly consumed by the crowd, along with the owners eclectic choice of beer. Not to be outdone, Pete looked like a nervous expectant father as he backed ME2 up to the jetty. Once tied up he was as excited as a dog with two tails – or should that read a skipper with two wheels..??  The gourmet pizzas went down a treat as ME2 celebrated her first win before the season even started: Loudest Paint Job in WA!  ME2 will be racing offshore in the near future, whilst TWU is still a few weeks away, while her rig gets some TLC after the caning she has received over the last 12 months.

We’ve also got another video, a bit of a mash up of our long ocean voyage in the depths of winter sailing TWU from Hobart back to Melbourne:




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