Abrasive in-water hull cleaning

The Swan River Trust works with Yacht Clubs to continually improve their environmental management. The Trust's current position is:

  • In-water hull scraping or any underwater process that could remove antifouling paint from the vessels hull or create a plume is prohibited

  • If scraping of the hull is required, the vessel must be removed from the water and cleaning performed where debris can be captured and properly disposed of;

  • Soaps or detergents must not enter into the water;

  • Vessels with hard, polished finishes should be wiped with a soft cloth to maintain these finishes to ensure the efficacy of the antifouling treatment;

  • Slime, algal scum and filamentous weed at the wind and water line may be removed by wiping down with a soft cloth;

  • Detergents containing ammonia, sodium hypochlorite, chlorinated solvents, petroleum distillates, lye or any other noxious or poisonous substance should not be used;

  • Any detergents used to clean boats on the river must be phosphate free, biodegradable, used minimally and are not to enter the water

​Any questions or queries? Please contact the Bosun to discuss the Club's environmental management plan or any concerns you might regarding the abovementioned points.

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