The Road to Bintang

The Road to Bintang

We talk about offshore sailing; this is a bit of our experience of transoceanic racing.

We haven't come down from the elation yet     it was a bloody difficult sail, we seemed to carry our own bubble of light air all the way from Fremantle and the area around North West Cape was challenging to say the least.

Having a knock down on a canting keel boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean in the middle of the night after an involuntary tack during a Jib Top change was somewhat hair raising, I only want to experience that once in my life.

To then be followed  by one of the bow  men being flung off the boat into the ocean just as we were setting up  for a spinnaker take down when the spinnaker exploded, flipped Billy off the bow into the water "Man Overboard" sure makes the blood run cold, thankfully the remnants of the bottom of the spinnaker stopped the boat, Billy who can't swim suddenly became Olympic 100 metres potential (Magnussen look out ) and we recovered him, cleaned the boat up , sent Jaden up the rig to cut away the top third of the Spinnaker and had the boat back on its feet and sailing in 18 minutes, just awesome crew work.

The crew handled the boat really well; by the time we hit Bail the camaraderie amongst the crew was as if they were acting as one man, just awesome, ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

The decision of Ludde to allow me to pick a predominately West Australian crew of mostly young talented sailors being mentored by a few old heads was justified by the way the crew acquitted themselves and made a statement about all the good that is in West Australian Sailing.

One of the great moments in my life.

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