This Way Up “Lessons Learnt”


We’ve done a lot, and learnt a whole lot more over the past 6 months.  A bit like “Hey we’ve climbed Bluff Knoll, let’s have a crack at Mount Everest…”  Much of our new found knowledge is old news, but let’s try & summarise the important things:

1.       Stay dry.

2.       Take half the food & twice the water.

3.       You’ll get over the sea sickness, by the 5th day at latest.

4.       Sunfish are a hazard, unless there are whales around.

5.       Whales go away after sunset.

6.       If the question is ” Should we put up a kite?”, the answer is always “Yes!”

7.       If the answer is “No”, you should put in a reef.  Maybe two.

8.       Everyone has a turn at steering, and even then it can be hard to let go of the wheel.

9.       It’s difficult to open a Mars Bar South of 40 degrees.

10.   You will get some sleep.  Eventually.

Look for our big write-up of our Sydney to Hobart adventure in the February issue of Tidings and watch the movie

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