Introducing our new Coaching Development Officer

Introducing our new Coaching Development Officer


Coaching Development Officer

We’re delighted to announce that Grant Alderson has agreed to take on the role of Coaching Development Officer. 

Fresh from his responsibility as Coach to the Australian Sonar Paralympic crew, Grant is tasked with moving the coaching at Freshie forward by:-

· Adding more structure to the coaching sessions held at the club, and delivering a wider and more bespoke coaching service to our members

· Identifying and recruiting new coaches from within the club.

· Creating a coaching development scheme to educate and grow our existing coaches through a process of mentoring and engagement with YA coaching development programs.

With a few specific exceptions, coaching at the Club will normally be delivered in consultation with Fleet Captains. To input and receive information about coaching at the Club, we ask that our members make contact with their respective Fleet Captain. 

"We are very fortunate to have somebody of Grant’s calibre at the Club who is in a position to move our coaching forward in this manner", commented Paul Bayliss, Yachting Operations Manager at the Club.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to talk to Grant or Paul Bayliss.

Grant (left) is pictured with Australian Sonar Paralympic crew and 2012 Australia 470 Olympians, Elise Rechichi and Belinda Stowell

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