Junior/Dinghy Clubhouse Redevelopment


Dear Member

The fundraising stage of the Junior/Dinghy Clubhouse Redevelopment Project has seen a good start and we are well on our way to building a facility that will properly serve our junior and dinghy sailors and help ensure the future of our Club.

There is no better time to consider making a donation. Donors can receive a tax deduction for donations to the RFBYC Foundation by complying with the requirements of the Australian Sports Foundation project specially established for this purpose. Details are on the Donation Form.

Following feedback from some Members that they would like to spread their donations over several payments, I’m pleased to say that we are very happy to accommodate such requests. Members are welcome to make an upfront pledge of support and then make subsequent payments in a manner that suits them. Further details are found on the Pledge Form.

We’ve also been thinking about how to properly recognise supporters of the fundraising effort and as a result we have created three tiers of recognition:

  • Donations or pledges of $50,000 or more – Diamond Supporter  
  • Donations or pledges of $10,000 or more – Platinum Supporter
  • Donations or pledges of $ 5,000 or more – Gold Supporter

Platinum and Diamond Supporters will be recognised (subject to their permission) by having their names recorded on an Honour Board to be erected in the new Junior/Dinghy Clubhouse. During the fundraising, planning and building stages of the project a temporary Honour Board will be on display. In addition, recognising the strong contribution families make to the culture and success of RFBYC, donations and pledges from family members can be amalgamated to determine the appropriate tier of recognition. I encourage Members to discuss this option with family members and garner their support.

I remind Members that the Junior/Dinghy Clubhouse Redevelopment Project is being undertaken with the support of the RFBYC Foundation. The RFBYC Foundation Committee, chaired by Vice Patron Geoff Totterdell, oversees the prudent safeguarding, investment and expenditure of Foundation funds. In due course Members will hear more of the RFBYC Foundation, including the launch of a Bequest Program, which will bring us in line with most other Foundations in our community. Our vision is that the RFBYC Foundation will in time become a cornerstone of the financial future and security of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club.

The current Junior/Dinghy Clubhouse was built in 1979 and whilst it has been of great service, it has been apparent for many years that the facility is no longer adequate for the level of activity undertaken.

  • In 1979 RFBYC had 119 Members under 16 years of age. Today we have 220, an increase of 85%.
  • In 1979 Junior/Dinghy sailing was only held during the main sailing season on Sundays. There was no sailing mid-week or at all during winter. Today junior/dinghy sailing is a 7 day-a-week, 52 weeks-a-year operation.
  • In 1979, RFBYC had no Training School. This year more than 600 people are expected to pass through our Training School.

The redevelopment of the Junior/Dinghy Clubhouse is essential to the future of our great Club. I urge you to join me in supporting this fundraising project and help us build this vitally needed facility.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible if they are made in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Sports Foundation using the appropriate donation form.  Non tax deductible donations can be made direct to the RFBYC Foundation at the Club.

To make a donation follow this link.

Thank you for your help and support.

best regards

Dean McAullay