Junior/Dinghy Facility Redevelopment

Please follow this link to view images and plans for the Junior/Dinghy Facility Redevelopment


Dear Member

With more than 10,000 participants in our world-class programs for all ages and skill levels, RFBYC is Western Australia’s largest provider of sail training programs.  

The Junior/Dinghy program is one of our strongest drawcards and equips our young people with valuable skills they can use on and off the water. The members have endorsed a $2.5million project that will incorporate a new Junior/Dinghy facility, training areas for off-the-beach activities plus a boat storage area. This will almost double the existing space and will cater for the growth of membership and training courses.

With over $2.1M of donations and pledges raised to early June 2020, we need your support to reach our goal of $2.5M.  We thank those members who have contributed to date, and encourage all others to support the project soon.

Your support will assist us in establishing a new, modern facility that will enable us to grow our world-class programs for decades to come. It is an investment in our next generation of sailors and the new facilities will confirm our reputation as the premier provider of sailing programs.

Thank you for your help and support.

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