Saturday Keelboat Racing

Sat 07 Mar 13:45 2020

Club Line
1345 * Contender Pennant Race Club Line SR
1400 * Division II The Aurora Blues Trophy Club Line
         * 30R Pennant Race Club Line
         * J24 The J24 Supporters Trophy Club Line
1405 * Division III The Sundance Trophy Club Line
Mid River Line
1350 * Division I The Just Another Boat Trophy Mid River MRS5
         * Division I IRC Pennant Race Mid River
         * Division I AMS Pennant Race Mid River
1355   Sports Boats The Calamari Run Trophy Mid River CC7, MRF, SB Series 6
1400 * Couta Boat The Merlin Trophy Mid River CC6
1405 * Dragon The Linnea Trophy Mid River CC4
1410 * Flying 15 The Grant Alderson Trophy Mid River CC15. MRF


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